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The ideal agency for recruiting foreign workers in Canada - Quebec

Solution Recrutement International Inc. possesses all the necessary tools to recruit specialized workers for Quebec businesses struggling to hire experienced workers. Moreover, we accompany and facilitate the integration of these international workers, principally from the Philippines.

Our team

Sylvain Vaillancourt agency foreign worker Quebec

Sylvain Vaillancourt

President and co-founder
Solution Recrutement International


Mr. Sylvain Vaillancourt co-founded Solution Recrutement International in 2016. In 2015, mindful of the labour shortage afflicting Canadian businesses and drawing from the business relationships he had developed throughout North and South America, Europe, Maghreb and a few Asian countries, he chose to put his professional knowledge and experience to use by helping connect Canadian businesses to skilled international workers. Specialized in business development and the implementation of distribution networks, Mr. Vaillancourt studied business management and marketing.

Peter Downey Agence Recrutement Estrie

Peter Downey, LL.B.

Vice-President and co-founder
Solution Recrutement International


Mr. Peter Downey co-founded Solution Recrutement International in 2016. A member of the Barreau du Québec since 1986, he practiced law for nearly 12 years. He was Chief Executive Officer for a manufacturing company for more than 20 years, where he witnessed Quebec’s labour shortage firsthand. Today, he is President of Solution Immigration International and Vice-President of Solution Recrutement International.

Nancy Latulippe Agence Travailleur Étranger Canada

Nancy Latulippe

Administrative coordinator
Solution Recrutement International


Nancy Latulippe joined the team as the administrative coordinator. She studied accounting and has more than 20 years experience in administrative support.


Caroline Roy Agence Travailleur Étranger Canada

Caroline Roy

Accounts receivable and integration manager
Solution Recrutement International


Caroline Roy joined the team as the accounts receivable and integration manager. She worked in customer service for many years and was a director of the department of credit and accounts receivable for more than 10 years.

Genevieve Phaneuf Agence Travailleur Étranger Canada

Geneviève Phaneuf, M. Sc.

Advisor, business relations and social media manager
Solution Recrutement International


Geneviève Phaneuf joined the team as the advisor for business relations and social media manager. A guidance counsellor by trade, she has a great deal of experience in business development, communications and marketing.

Naomi Dandonneau Agence Visa Travailleur Étranger Québec

Naomi Dandonneau

Advisor, business relations
Solution Recrutement International


Naomi Dandonneau joined the Solution Recrutement International as an advisor for business relations. Through her training in administration, accounting and international marketing, she understands the realities facing businesses. She also has significant experience in international and business development, and is a Certified International Trade Professional (PACI).


Sylvie Lévesque Agence Visa Candidat Étranger

Sylvie Lévesque

Conseillère, relation aux entreprises
Solution Recrutement International


Spécialiste en services linguistiques et en formations aux entreprises depuis plus de dix ans, elle connaît les enjeux majeurs liés au manque de main d’œuvre. Sa capacité à cerner les besoins réels des employeurs fait d’elle une conseillère attentive et impliquée dans votre démarche d’embauche.

Nirina Henriet’tah Choquette Agence Visa Candidat Étranger

Nirina Henriet’tah Choquette

Director, Madagascar office
Solution Recrutement International


Nirina Henriet’tah joined the team as the director of recruitment in Madagascar. She graduated in Tourism from the AFEC in Paris and is trained in human resources. Originally from Madagascar, she counsels and guides professionals in Madagascar on employment opportunities in Canada. Backed by 15 years of experience in personnel recruitment and using her knowledge of the country, she preselects and recommends candidates; she also ensures the progress and execution of the selection process, and candidate placement.

Why choose us?

Based on an analysis of your labour needs, we offer an all-inclusive, complete solution: everything from worker recruitment to their arrival. We consider the integration and support of international workers a key aspect of our recruiting mandate.


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