Why Recruiting Candidates In The Philippines?

Many Filipino workers immigrate to Canada every year. This association is a win-win for both parties: for us, they are excellent employees who come to settle in Canada for the long term and help us fill our labor shortage. Moreover, Canada constitutes for them an undeniably advantageous choice by the quality of our services, of the employers and the reception of the citizens. Always available and assiduous, the Filipinos are dedicated workers, who undoubtedly respect authority. They are also recognized as loyal and grateful employees. 


10 to 15 million Filipinos who have a job work abroad, mainly in Japan, Canada, Dubai, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Korea


Personal remittances sent to their families back in the Philippines account for 11% of their country's GDP.


Canada remains their No. 1 choice of destination where they hope to obtain their residency status, thus providing a better quality of life for their families.


Their education being similar to that of Canada, it is easier to establish equivalences of their skills here in comparison with other countries.

The Philippines Now One Of The Main Sources Of Foreign Workers, In Canada

The Philippines Has Been Consistently Among The Top Five Source Countries Of Canadian Immigrants

They Speak English, Are Known For Their Hard Work And Their Ability To Adapt To Canadian Life.

There Are Several Reasons Why Canada Has Become An Attractive Destination For Filipino Citizens.

Canadian Employers Have Been Hiring More And More Temporary Foreign Workers From The Philippines.


Strong work ethic:

Filipinos are known for their diligence, commitment, and hard work, making them reliable and valuable employees.


Skilled professionals:

The Philippines produces highly skilled professionals in fields such as nursing, engineering, and information technology, making it an attractive location for recruiting talented workers.



The cost of living in the Philippines is relatively low compared to other countries, which means that salaries can be lower, making it an attractive option for employers looking to keep costs down.



Filipino workers are often known for their loyalty to their employers, which can be an asset for companies looking to build a stable and committed workforce.

The Philippines Source Of Foreign Workers In Quebec Canada

Our recruitment agency organizes recruitment missions in the Philippines and takes care not only of the identification and section of workers who meet the needs of workers here, but also of government requests (work visa, work permit renewal, immigration employee and skilled worker, etc.).


You are from Phillipines and would like to find a job in Canada. Go to our immigration website and ask for more information on the positions we have to fill for clients all over Canada. Next thing you know, you could be in a plane to come and help some Canadian businesses and improve your life.