Why Recruiting Candidates In Madagascar?

After an exhaustive analysis of several French-speaking countries, we have chosen Madagascar as the country for the recruitment of French-speaking workers. Indeed, Madagascar brings together the essential characteristics for the success of an international recruitment process with a long-term objective and a good integration of the worker with his Canadian employer. The population of Madagascar is very young and unemployment is very high there, half of young university graduates can no longer find work despite their level of higher education. In addition, Malagasy people have a strong desire to immigrate to Canada, which offers the quality of life they dream of for them and their families.

The Madagascans are people who reach out to others, they are gentle, kind and always smiling with a very, very good attitude at work. They are extremely proud to be selected by Canadian companies and are very grateful for the opportunity to come to Canada.



Madagascar has a diverse population, with many Malagasy people speaking both French and English fluently, making them ideal candidates for international roles.


Skilled professionals:

The country has a well-educated population, with a high level of literacy and numeracy, making it an attractive location for recruiting talented workers.


Growing economy:

Madagascar has a fast-growing economy, which means that there is a growing pool of skilled workers who are eager to take on new opportunities.


Work ethic:

Malagasy workers are known for their dedication, hard work, and strong work ethic, making them valuable employees for any company looking to build a committed and reliable workforce.

Madagascar source of foreign workers in Quebec Canada

Recruiting candidates in Madagascar can be a great choice for companies looking to expand their global workforce. Madagascar is a country with a rich cultural heritage, a fast-growing economy, and a highly skilled workforce. The Malagasy people are multilingual, with many speaking both French and English fluently, which can be a valuable asset for companies seeking international talent. Additionally, Madagascar has a well-educated population, with a high level of literacy and numeracy, making it an attractive location for recruiting skilled professionals.

Madagascar source of foreign workers in Quebec Canada

We have opened our own office in Madagascar ( https://www.sri-madagascar.ca ) so we do not use subcontractors in order to offer the greatest transparency in the candidate selection process. 
We also chose Madagascar because it offers us a large pool of French-speaking workers who have higher education and experience in different fields, but in particular in the following sectors: 

Heavy-duty equipment mechanic 
Construction machinery mechanic (CAT training)
Construction machinery operator
Automotive mechanic
Painter and body repairer

Semi-trailer truck driver

Hydraulic press operator
Care aide, nursing care (beneficiary attendant) Daily

We regularly organize recruitment missions in Madagascar and we take care not only of the identification and selection of workers who meet the needs here, but also of the administrative procedures (work visa, work permit renewal, employee and worker immigration qualified, etc).